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West Bend Bread Machine Review

The art of bread making becomes so much easier to do with the WestBend Bread machine.

The 41300 Hi-Rise model is a model that allows families to experience the joy and fun of making bread together, keeping the aromatic fresh bread smells right in the comfort of their own home.

Unlike some other bread making machines on the market today, the 41300 Hi-Rise is able to be easily used by novice and expert alike.

WestBend Bread Machine

With a raft of easily managed programs and a simple to use LCD push button control panel, all the family can quickly get up to speed with the art of bread making and start making a fantastic range of different bread products.

West Bend Hi-Rise Bread maker – Quick Guide

Product FeatureProduct Details
Bread Size1 lb, 1.5 lb 2.0 lb and 2.5lb Horizontal
Crust Setting3 Shades -Light, Medium and Dark
What can you bake?Basic White, Quick, French, Whole Wheat, Sweet, Bake, Dough, Sandwich, Jams, Home Made, Super Rapid
Viewing WindowYes
Delay TimerUp to 12 hours
Dimensions18 by 10-1/2 by 11-4/5 inches

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West Bend Breadmaker – Product Description

Experienced bakers know that the key to making the best homemade bread is how well the dough is kneaded. Knead too much or too little and it could be disastrous for the bread; it could come out feeling heavy or not rise enough as it bakes.

The West Bend bread machine has two blades that do the work of the kneading. Not only does it take the work of kneading away from the baker, it also completes the task with efficiency.

There are three options when it comes to the type of crust, which allows it to make different types of bread: light, medium and dark. Along with this crust option, it has the capability of doing a variety of bread types: white sandwich bread, rye bread, french bread, sweet bread and breads that contain fruits and nuts.

The bread pan allows for four different loaf sizes, as well: 1lb, 1.5lb, 2lbs and 2.5lbs. When in the dough cycle, the machine is also able to produce dough for rolls, soft pretzels and even pizza.

The West Bend 41300 hi-rise breadmaker is so customizable that every part of the bread making process can be set for the user’s preferences. The kneading, the rising, the actual baking and even keeping the finished product warm if the user is unable to attend to the finished product immediately.

On the other side of the coin, there are options for the machine to do everything using preset settings; this is helpful for those who are not experienced in the bread making world, but would like to begin making their own bread. When making breads that require fruits or nuts, the machine conveniently beeps when it is time to add them.

There is even a delayed start cycle option that allows the user to put all the ingredients into the machine as the manual instructs and tell the machine when to actually start the bread making cycle; up to 12 hours into the future. This allows for freshly baked bread in the morning without having to get up early beforehand, or even freshly baked bread waiting when the user arrives home from work or other daily activities. All of the settings are conveniently digital, including a handy display screen that gives a countdown time.

While the dual knead blades are convenient and effective, some customers noted that they can on the odd occasion come off while the machine is working.

Overall, the West Bend Bread maker produces a high quality loaf of bread at an affordable price. The manual which ships with the product comes with lots of delicious recipes to try and experiment with whether you are a beginner or are a more experienced baker.

Recipes that are available include wheat bread, bagel dough, garlic bread and even specialty breads, such as bread that is free from gluten and bread that is low in carbohydrates.

The West Bend 41300 is comparable to many of the more expensive bread making machines on the market today but at a much more affordable price. It is easy to use, customizeable and convenient and delivers a product that makes for many hours of fun for the whole family!

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