How to Make 5 Great Pastry Recipes

Welcome to our post which looks at how to make 5 great pastry recipes – Cream cheese pastry, Flaky pastry, Sweet flan pastry, Milk puff pastry and Choux pastry.

How to Make Cream Cheese Pastry

Great Pastry RecipesThis is a light, slightly puffy pastry, particularly good for sausage rolls, little savory patties and jam turnovers.


  • 100g / 4oz of plain flour
  • 100g / 4oz of butter
  • 100g / 4oz of cream cheese


  1. Sift the flour into a bowl
  2. Add the butter and cheese. Cut both into the flour with two knives held in same hand until the mixture looks like course breadcrumbs.
  3. Draw together with fingertips and shape lightly into a ball.
  4. Transfer to a polythene bag or wrap in aluminium foil and chill overnight.
  5. Roll out to about 1cm or 1/8 inch thickness. Use as soon as it is rolled.

How to Make Flaky Pastry


  • 150g / 60z butter
  • 200g / 8oz plain flour
  • 1/4 level teaspoon of salt
  • 125 ml / 1/4 pint of chilled water
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice


  1. Divide the butter into 4 equal portions. Chill 3 of the portions.
  2. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl. rub in the un-chilled portion of butter.
  3. Mix the soft paste with water and lemon juice and turn out onto a pre-floured board. Knead thoroughly or use a bread dough mixer to carry out the task.
  4. Put into a polythene bag or wrap in aluminium foil. Chill for 1/2 hour.
  5. Roll out into 1/2 cm 1/4 inch thick rectangle, measuring about 45cm x 15cm / 18in x 6in.
  6. Using the tip of a knife, spread the second portion of butter (in small flakes), over the top and middle third of the of the rectangle to within 2cm / 1in of the edges. Dust lightly with flour.
  7. Fold in three, envelope style, by bringing the bottom third over the middle third and folding top third over.
  8. Seal the open edges by pressing firmly together with a rolling pin. Put into a polythene bag or aluminium foil and and chill for 15 minutes.
  9. Remove from the bag or unwrap. with folded edges to the left and right, roll out again and into 45cm x 15cm / 18in x 6in rectangle.
  10. Cover with the third portion of butter as before. Fold seal and chill.
  11. Repeat again, adding the last portion of butter, and chill.
  12. Roll out again, fold seal and and return to the polythene bag or wrap in aluminium foil. Chill at least for 30 minutes before rolling out. (to 1/2cm / 1/4in thickness) and using.
  13. After shaping, let dishes rest 30 minutes in coll before baking.

How to Make Sweet Flan Pastry

This is a great pastry recipe for sweet flans, tarts and small and large pies.


  • Yolk of 1 standard egg
  • 2 level teaspoons of sifted icing sugar
  • 100g/4oz of plain flour
  • Pinch of salt
  • 65g / 2.5oz butter
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of cold water


  1. Mix egg yolk and sugar well together.
  2. Sift flour and salt in a bowl.
  3. Add butter, cut into flour with knife, then rub with your fingertips.
  4. Mix to a very stiff paste with the egg yolk, sugar and water.
  5. Turn out onto a lightly floured board. Knead quickly until smooth.
  6. Transfer to a polythene bag or wrap in aluminium foil.
  7. Chill for at least 30 minutes before rolling and using.

How to Make Choux Pastry

This is a great pastry recipe for use with savory buns and eclair’s.


75g / 2.5 oz of flour

Pinch of salt

150ml / 3/4 pint of water

500g / 2oz of butter

2standard eggs well beaten

Instructions :

  1. Sift the flour and salt twice.
  2. Put the water and butter into a saucepan. Heat slowly until the butter melts, then bring back briskly to the boil.
  3. Lower the heat and tip in all the flour.
  4. Stir briskly until the mixture forms soft balls and leaves the sides of the pan clean.
  5. Remove from the heat and cool slightly. Add the eggs very gradually, beating hard until the mixture is smooth, shiny and firm enough to stand in soft peaks when lifted with a spoon.
  6. Use immediately. Otherwise leave in the saucepan and cover with a lid to prevent the pastry drying out.

How to Make Milk Puff Pastry


  • 200g / 80z self raising flour
  • 1/4 level teaspoon of salt
  • 150g / 6oz of butter
  • 4 to 5 tablespoons of cold milk


  1. Sift the flour and the salt in a bowl.
  2. Add the butter and cut into flour until pieces are no larger than peas.
  3. Mix to a stiff paste with the milk. Draw it together with your fingertips.
  4. Quickly shape into a ball and transfer to a polythene bag or wrap in aluminium foil.
  5. Chill for 1 hour before rolling out and using.