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Best Grain Mills for Making Your Own Home Made Flour

Welcome to our post looking at some of the best grain mills on the market today.

If you are keen on baking and want to take total control over the flour mix that will go into your home baked loaves, pizza dough, pancakes or cookies, then using a simple to use grain mill is a great do-it-yourself method.

All the best grain mills allow you to make fresh flour from many types of whole grain that you can buy from your local health store. Why not experiment with different grains like whole wheat, buckwheat, millet, corn, barley, and soybeans.


Health experts agree that commercial white flour has lost much of its health value compared to straight from the grain flour. Flour bought in your local store or contained in shop bought bread is often heavily starch based and mixed with preservatives and other chemical additives to maintain the breads look, structure and longevity. In addition grain mills also leave a lot of natural oils in the flour, which in turn, makes the bread more nutritious and flavorful.

Whether its an electric grain mill or the more classic manual mill that you go for, making your own natural whole-grain flour direct from the grain bypasses all those health worries and delivers you with the best natural baking ingredient possible.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details

KitchenAid KGM Stand-Mixer Grain-Mill Attachment4.3 / 5$Best Grain Mills
NutriMill Classic Grain Mill4.8 / 5$$$Best Grain Mills

Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill4.5 / 5$$Best Grain Mills
WonderMill Grain Mill4.7 / 5$$$Best Grain Mills

Country Living Hand Grain Mill4.7 / 5$$$$$Best Grain Mills

Premium Quality Cast Iron Corn Grinder For Wheat Grains3.3 / 5$Best Grain Mills
Wonder Junior Deluxe Hand Grain4.3 / 5$$$Best Grain Mills

VICTORIO VKP1012 Hand Operated Grain Mill4.2 / 5$Best Grain Mills

Victorio VKP1024 Deluxe Hand Operated Grain Mill4.6 / 5$Best Grain Mills

Miracle Electric Grain and Flour Mill - ME3003.9 / 5$$$Best Grain Mills

Best Grain Mills – Top Picks for 2017

NutriMill Classic Grain Mill

The NutriMill Classic grain mill has a large, twenty cup capacity which is great for bakers that want to make large batches of flour in one go. If you are planning to bake regularly, the twenty cup capacity is a great time-saver.

A unique feature of the NutriMill Classic is the texture control which allows you choose to grind anywhere from coarse to fine flour. The NutriMill only grinds non-oily grains, which can be limiting, but it means the machine doesn’t gum up, overheat or jam, making this a hassle-free machine.

Other features include a multi-channel air flow that keeps the motor from overheating which prolongs the motor life. There’s also a self-cleaning milling chamber which means all aspects of the NutriMill from grinding to cleaning, is super easy.

For more information on this product and an overview of how electric grain mills work take a look at the video below.

Wondermill Electric Grain Mill

The second grain mill that you should consider is the Wondermill Electric Grain Mill.

Wondermill Electric Grain Mill
With a 1¾ horsepower motor, this machine has power to grind through anything but is still virtually silent when in use. It also claims to to be the quietest and fastest grain mill available.
The Wondermill is designed specifically to not overheat your flour and retain all the goodness that heat can kill-off. A lot of that has to do with the twelve cup capacity flour receiver that doubles as a storage canister, keeping your flour separate from the hot motor.

The Wondermill can grind both coarse and fine flours and handles wheat, rice and small grains as well as legumes and beans as large as garbanzo beans. It’s also fast; the makers of the Wondermill claim that you can grind one hundred pounds of flour in just an hour! The manufacturers are also so sure that this product will never fail that they also give you a lifetime warranty.

Similar to the NutriMill Classic, the Wondermill is also quick and easy to clean, making this appliance hassle-free.

Blendtec 52-601-BHM kitchen mill

The final mill that you should consider is the Blendtec 52-601-BHM kitchen mill.

This mill can grind up to twenty-four cups of wheat flour in under eight minutes thanks to the powerful ten amp direct drive motor and its proprietary stainless-steel Micronetic milling compartment.

For complete control the Blendtec has five different speed settings for grinding different types of flour Unlike the Wondermill and the NutriMill, the Blendtec doesn’t have quite the storage capacity, having only a sixty ounce (7 cup) maximum capacity. The motor does have a six year limited warranty though, that covers it for most situations.

Like the other two grain mills, the Blendtec is also self-cleaning for your convenience, and is designed so it won’t overheat while in use.

All three of these grain mills are great products and all come with positive comments and reviews from customers who have bought the mills in the past.

In summary we would say that of all the best electric grain mills that you can choose from you can’t go much wrong with either of the NutriMill or the Wondermill.

Both are excellent at what they do and can deliver larger quantities of healthy flour for the more serious baker who needs it in larger quantities. The Blendtec Kitchen mill is also a highly reliable machine however and only loses out in the comparison stakes due to its smaller 7 cup bin size.

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