Breads from around the World
Breads from around the World

Welcome to our website focusing on bread making in its many forms.

The aim of this website is to provide you with a range of bread related recipes, guides, resources, products, videos, hints and tips and to inform you about bread making.

Bread and bread based products are one of the most versatile and convenient foods you will come across. Not only can you eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, you can also eat it plain, bake it, toast it or even fry it.

The choice of bread options is also endless with literally hundreds of types of bread found throughout the world. Whether its white, wholemeal, naan, brioche, bloomers, flatbread, focaccia, sourdough, bara brith, chapatti, or fruit loaf there is a great tasting bread out there for everyone. Click her for more insights into bread from around the world.

Historically bread has been at the center of the human diet for almost 10,000 years. As far back as 8000 B.C, the Egyptians had invented grinding stones and where using them to crush grains to make a very basic flat bread.

Since then, the evolution of bread and its incorporation into the cultures across all parts of the world has prevailed.

It is now one of the few foods that can be said to be eaten by people from every race, religion and culture around the world.

The Benefits of Bread

Bread performs a significant part of our daily diet by providing healthy nutrients in the form of fibre, minerals and vitamins. Along with fruit (one third) and vegetables (one third), bread and cereals should make up about a third of our balanced healthy diet.

To get the greatest nutritional benefit, it is recommended that you incorporate whole grains as well as enriched grains as part of your daily balanced diet.

  • Bread provides us with complex carbohydrates. Similar to other grain-based foods such as oats, pasta or rice, carbohydrates provide us with a direct and valuable energy source for our physical bodies. Carbohydrates are also required by our brain, our nervous system and vital organs such as the kidneys and heart.
  • Breads made with whole grain wheat are an excellent source of bran fibre which is vital for the support of good digestion.
  • Bread can provide us with up to 10 % of the calcium we require in our diets. Calcium is a vital contributor to maintain our bones and teeth and the effective operation of our nervous system, muscles, kidneys and the heart. Bread provides over 10% of the calcium in our diet.
  • Wheat flour contains iron. This is an essential component in the formation of red blood cells which in turn transport oxygen around the human body.  Iron is also vital for healthy brain function.
  • Unlike a lot of modern diets and foodstuffs, bread is low in fat, sugar and salt.
  • Bread can be rich in B vitamins such as Thiamin (Vitamin B1) and Niacin (Vitamin B3). These vitamins are vital for releasing energy from food.

Types of Flour

There is a myriad of flours available to buy in our shops or indeed make at home. Here are some of the more popular types of flour available:

      • Wholemeal – This is basically just whole wheat grain without any supplements added.
      • Brown – This flour will contain up to 85% of the original grain with some of the bran and germ removed.
      • White – This flour contains about 75% of the wheat grain with the majority of the bran and wheatgerm removed as part of the milling process.
      • Wheatgerm – This flour can be either brown or white flour with about 10% wheatgerm added.
      • Malted wheatgrain – This is brown or wholemeal malted grains included into the mix.
      • Stoneground – This is a traditionally made flour made by grinding the flour between two stones.
      • As well as the above you will come flours and from other types of grain such as spelt, rye and oats.
      • Many people who enjoy bread but have had to limit it due to issues such as ceoliac’s disease will make and use flour derived from other natural foodstuffs such as potato, peas, chickppeas and even coconut.

If you are interested in making your own flour take a look a our post on the best grain mills.

Bread Dough Mixer Machines

Bread making in the home can be an arduous and physical task. Preparing and mixing dough can also be time consuming.

Take a look at this list of the best bread dough mixer machines which are ideal for making bread dough from the comfort of your home.

Not only are they highly effective bread making appliance but they will also do lots more beside such as grating, grinding and mixing all manner of other ingredients.

Bread Maker Machines

In the last twenty years, modern technology has brought the art of bread making to the modern home in the form of automatic bread making machines.

Using a bread machine you can produce perfect breads, cakes, pastries and pizzas every time. Whether it’s crusty white bread, brioche or a mozzarella and rosemary focaccia, there’s a simple and mouth-watering recipe to suit any moment of the day. Click here for reviews of the best bread maker machines.

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